Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Hanging Out

I shot a video of Cora today while we were killing time when our power was out (it went out about 1pm for over and hour...weird). Got half of a smile in there. She seems to get preoccupied with the phone when I am trying to video her.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cora's Many Faces

Earlier this afternoon I was trying to catch a smile with my iPhone camera. This is what I got...

A little later, I tried again. Because I was in such a hurry to make sure I didn't miss it, I only got the beginning and of course camera phones are blurry if you move at all. But I still think it was a success...

If that's not a Sean smile, I don't know what is!!

In other news, Cora broke the record of sleep over night by a long shot. I think she was showing off after her two month birthday. After she put herself to bed last night, she slept until 7:15 this morning!!! Incredible! I went to bed at 11:30!! And that was after I blogged, filled the humidifier, and got ready for bed... all this while she had already been sleeping. I must admit I woke up a few times and did get up in the early morning to make sure she wasn't dead, but when 7:15 came along, I still felt like a million dollars!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Months

Today is Cora's two month birthday. We ended up not doing any of the errands that I had planned, because she was a little fussy all day. And we celebrated by doing huge amounts of laundry, since she soiled through two sets of diapers, one time on our bed. 

Just a little while ago I put her down in her cradle in our room because she had fallen asleep while we were sitting on the couch. She promptly woke up, but I thought I would let her sit in there for a little while as long as she didn't cry as I made up the bed with the clean sheets. Then I figured I would take her out and rock her again. She laid in her cradle and watched me make the bed, making little squeaky noises and then just as I was finishing, to my amazement, actually dozed off to sleep on her own. What a big girl!!

Here is my peanut at one of her quieter times during the day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Smile

For the past week, Cora has been sort of half-smiling. As in, I'm never quite sure if she really meant to do it. And it is usually just the right side of her mouth tentatively pulling up like she is not quite sure if this situation, whatever it may be, really warrants a smile. I am always trying to coax one out of her, because I just know she is so close. Acting like a crazy person, laughing at her, playing games. Always just a serious stare back.

Then today...

I was holding her with one arm and dialing the phone with the other to make an appointment for Brigita to finally go to the groomer. I looked down at Cora to see if I thought she might get fussy while I was on the phone, and there it was. She looked back at me - directly into my eyes - and smiled the cutest little full-faced smile! I wasn't even trying to make her do it. The guy at Soggy Paws answered the phone, and I couldn't even respond right away. I didn't want to make the moment end.

I'm smitten. I can't wait for Sean to see it!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Bathtime Beauty

Recent Cora Pictures

Cora has a little rainforest mat I recently put together, which she is completely uninterested in at this point. She sits on it for a little while making cooing, squeaky and screechy noises (as evidenced below), all the while staring at the wall or the lights before she gets sick of the whole thing and cries. I love her.

"One milleeeon dollars" (for those of you who have seen Austin Powers).

Sleeping on Daddy's lap. Not a care in the world.... as it should be for babies.

Leisurely Mornings

I love mornings like this. Sean works at 1pm today, so he got up with Cora at 6 this morning and let me sleep until 8:45. Ah bliss. He has a really big test on Wednesday that he has been studying for pretty much every waking moment so taking the time to do that was pretty sweet.

Now I am actually enjoying a cup of coffee (which I bet I won't get to finish) and a few moments to myself as Cora sleeps on our bed. I put her up there to change over the washing machine to the dryer earlier, and she has just been snoozing for a while now. 

And I am in a fabulous mood, because I have lost 6.6 lbs so far since I started weight watchers online. Today is my weigh-in day. It just feels so good to be healthy. I pretty much ate whatever I wanted (within reason - it wasn't terrible, just lots of whatever I was eating) when I was pregnant and definitely noticed the effects of it. I remember when I first got pregnant I said I was not going to be one of those people who gained significantly above what the recommended range was. HA!!

So now I have a little work to do to get back to pre-pregnancy, but it is coming along. I can't wait until the weather is better and Cora, Brigita and I can go on walks outside. Brigita definitely will benefit from that as well. She does not get played with like she used to, and she has all of this crazy pent up energy.

There is the crying cutie pie. I told you I wouldn't get to finish my coffee. That is my private joke with myself. Any hot beverage will always be finished cold from now on, and if I want to make something hot to drink mid to end of nap time, Cora invariably will start crying in the middle of preparation. ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm Baaaa-ak

No, seriously...

New look... new purpose...

My daughter Cora is eight weeks old, and she is just changing so much every day. I can't even believe how fast babies develop. I feel like I am not keeping track of this magical time at all in any formalized way that I will be able to look back on. Facebook definitely does not count. I bought one of those little journals, and wrote down all of her baby shower gifts and a few other random things, but I just don't like actually writing on paper in sentence form (i.e. this is what happened today, blah, blah, blah). I haven't written in the journal since she was born. It's faster and more fun to type. Paper is for lists.

So here I am again. I want to remember this. I want to communicate the little every day things with friends and family who do not live near us without having to call or email everyone individually and then forgetting things anyway. I want Cora to be able to go back and read stories about herself.

Basically my blog is now going to become "baby central"... online. So if that is boring, feel free to click away. As long as I have the Grammas and Auntie Erin reading it will be worth it. ;)

Exhibit A...