Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Camera

Sean and I didn't get one another big Christmas gifts. Instead we got a new camera. I still have a whole lot to learn about taking pictures with it but here are a few of my favorite subject.

getting to pet the puppy!

First Birthday Party!

Earlier this month Cora had her first birthday party! We celebrated with all of her friends that she and I have made over the past few months through our meetup group. We had a pink and brown polka dot/balloon/cupcake theme. I served barbeque meatballs, deviled eggs, fruit, veggies and hummus, veggie straw chips, fizzy jello, and raspberry lemonade punch. It was delish. Cora received many wonderful gifts through everyone's generosity, including some books, noisy toys, and 18/24-month clothes. 

the toy stash has been found

Cora, Avery and Norah

Corbin kept undressing the poor cabbage patch doll

Cora's BFF, Edward

1st birthday!

yummy lunch

Aniaha and Luke

Brayden's on the move!

Jack found the barn

Baby Nora

my cupcake balloons

L to R: Cora (eating), Aniaha, Avery, Nora, Edward, Corbin

singing Happy Birthday!


I like chocolate frosting!

opening presents with Momma

with Edward and Megan

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


At one year Cora...

...waves to everyone, especially Brigita.
...claps when we say, "Yay!"
...likes noisy toys with buttons to push. She will just continue to push the buttons over and over even if the song or whatever is not over.
...mimics us. As in if I put one of her toys on my head and then on her head, she will try to put it on her head as well.
...says Mama, Dada, Gee (for Brigita), Du (for duck), Hot, and a number of other sporadic things that she doesn't quite yet repeat. If we point out a fire in a story we are reading to her, she looks at the fireplace. If we point out a bird in a book, she will look outside. 
...puts her hand out (as in what you do when you are warming your hands) to the fire when you stand by the fireplace with her, even if there is no fire burning in it.
...laughs when others laugh during adult conversation.
..."reads" books by herself by sitting and turning pages and then gets upset if you actually take the book to read it to her for real.
...crawls around after Brigita giggling and screeching.
...plays peek-a-boo, especially when at the table with her washcloth at the end of a meal. She holds it over her eyes and waits for us to say, "Where's Cora?" Then she gives us a big smile after she puts the washcloth down and we say, "There she is!"
...has 6 teeth. The two on the bottom that she has had for months and four on top that all came in at once right around 12 months. She has a new cheesy smile that accompanied those new teeth. And she also frowns at us regularly for no reason. She is just practicing it. 

caught in a good stare (Brigita is waiting for her to throw the frisbee - even though Cora always just gives it to me to throw, Brigita brings it to her all the time anyway)