Friday, July 29, 2011

And Lately...

Cora has been rolling everywhere. Time to babyproof.

She got a little cold from me and has had a stuffy, runny nose. :(

We have been to the beach for walks.

And today, I officially moved her to 9-month clothes and am putting all her 6-month ones away. *sniffle*

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Leaving My Comfort Zone

Before we left Chicago, I was inspired by my friend Erin to be more extroverted and get out there more to meet new friends instead of waiting for people to come befriend me, especially since we are basically starting all over in a new place. 

So I started a Christian mom's Meetup group, and we have almost 20 members!! I have already met so many wonderful women. Who knew with church functions and so many other available mom's groups and activities that there would be such a desire for something like this? Who hoo! I am so excited to see where God takes this! I am already so amazed at the results of following Him (seriously totally unlike me to do something like this...). 

We have only had four meetings and the same people didn't even come to each one, but yet I have already participated in and witnessed some really deep conversations about following Christ and parenting to honor Him. It is just wonderful. 

So anywhoo... that's where I have been. :) It's kind of more work than I was anticipating, but I am really enjoying it. 

My little Cora love is just as cute as ever and now 7 months old. Eeekkk!! Where does the time go?! I will post pictures of her and our new adventures in paradise soon. 

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Cora's New Toy

We bought Cora a little walker now that sitting in the baby swing seems to not be a good idea for her. I needed a place where I could just put her if I need to set her down for a little while. She really likes it!