Wednesday, April 11, 2012

15 Months

At 15 months Cora...
  • says Mama, Dada, Geets, Dog, Duck, This, That, Baby.
  • puts her ring stacker back together in the correct order.
  • knows a few colors (will point to them when asked... when she feels like it).
  • LOVES to read. She lets us read to her now and has favorite books that she gives us to read over and over. She also loves to empty out her book bin and "read" by herself
  • likes to write with pens.
  • puts the phone up to her ear (or her hand as if she had a phone in it) whenever you say, "hello."
  • points at her nose, ears, eyes, mouth, feet, tummy and hair when asked.
  • crawls REALLY fast, so walking is a little ways away still. She pulls herself up and walks along things and will walk holding our hands so far.

fun with bubbles

Brigita's obsessive craziness trying to catch them made it all the more interesting


first time in pigtails

she cried while I was trying to put them in and they didn't last too long