Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cora at 2 years and 4 months

I am so amazed at how much my little girl changes every day. I feel like we were just in the pediatrician's office in early February and he was asking us how many words she put together. 3 or 4, I said. The other day, I counted 8. 
"I need a tissue to wipe my nose." Enunciated in a complete sentence. 

"Nips" has changed to "Milk." "Oak" has changed to "Coat."

She remembers everything. Her little friend came over for lunch, and I offered Aniaha a choice of a blue or orange fork to eat with. Days later, I brought out the blue fork that Aniaha had used, and Cora said, "Niaha's fork." 
Whenever we drive near her pediatrician's office, she says "not go doctor."

I absolutely love how she narrates her life. "I'm running. I'm loud. Need socks. Reading my books. Look Mama's phone, want to. Play mine toys. Watch Dora and Boots on iPad." When we are just at home and quiet with no company or pressure, she talks constantly, giving Sean and I a running commentary of what she is doing and thinking. When we are just hanging out - "Mommy, I'm home! I'm home!" My favorite of late is, "I'm being shy right now," as she hugs me and buries her face in my shoulder. 

If she trips or something goes wrong in her mind, she will pause for a second and then say, "I'm OK!"

A few weeks ago she asked me if she could do something, and I said no. She proceeded to tell me, "ask Daddy," as if he would give her a different answer. 

She recognizes all of the letter of the alphabet in capitals but does not know them in order. She will point them out wherever we go. Her favorite is "W"; she gets very excited when she sees one. She can count to 13, but she usually skips 4. She counts actual items (not just saying the numbers) up to about 3. She can recognize her own name and tell you how to spell it, and she can write a C and an O.

She loves to read, so we get lots of books from the library. I limit each visit to 10 books, and she insists on reading them all before naps and at bedtime. "Read my new books!"

a month ago at Easter
first baseball game
watching Dora
my little reader