Thursday, May 15, 2008


I hope I am not going to be really bad at keeping up with this blogging thing already and that not posting in a while IS really just attributed to being really, really busy. Since I last wrote Sean has graduated from medical school, Brigita has gained more than half of her weight, and I am finished with my job. My last day was yesterday, and, as much as I complain, it really was a bittersweet departure. I would have been there for six years as of the end of this month! 

Yes, I have worked in multiple areas, in different positions, and on numerous floors, but I still have a bond with many of the staff and am really rather sad to be moving on, despite how exciting the change is going to be. I don't have another job lined up at the moment, so I am just trusting God that something that I can handle will be available and tolerable. I am probably going to try to work for an agency that sends nurses all around the Chicago area. I will be allowed to pick my hours, make time to care for Brigita (since Sean is going to have crazy hours), and make quite a bit more money than I would in a "real" job. I am a little scared about it, though, because this means that I will just have to jump right in to working at a facility without any sort of orientation or direction as to how to function at the hospitals where I will have to go. I feel that this is the direction that I should be taking at the moment, so I am sure that it will be fine. 

I am very excited to start this new chapter in our life, but the outlook is very scary at the same time. I always just remember what a wise nurse once told me - "nursing is nursing wherever you go...the documentation of it is the only thing that changes."