Saturday, February 4, 2012

13 Months

At 13 months Cora...

...imitates us. She tries to brush her hair with her small brush. The other day I found her cabbage patch doll with the brush stuck in it's hair. She holds my cell phone up to her ear. If we show her how to play with toys, she will imitate us... like she will use the hammer to pound the round pegs into the holes of her little wooden toy and she will play her pull-a-tune xylophone the way it is supposed to be played.

...takes things out and puts them away. She has blocks that are in a little bag and she will spend tons of time taking them out and putting them back. She takes the ring stacker rings off and puts them on her wrists like bracelets and/or puts them back on the stacker, sometimes even in the correct order! She likes to take her Little People barn animals out of the silo and put them back or into the barn. I have found animals in the barn, along with a small ring and a sock. You know those other things that belong in the barn too. She especially loves to get at her diaper bag and empty it out and then put things back in the wrong places.

...likes to read, but not as much with us. She gets more fussy when you try to read with her lately, but she will spend lots of time emptying out all of her books from the basket they are in and paging through them as if she is reading them to herself. She will even turn a book right-side-up if she grabbed it the wrong way.

...has a few favorite foods but is still not the greatest eater. Good thing I am still nursing her or she would not get enough nutrition (although she would most likely eat more if that was the case). She likes berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries), pears, goldfish crackers (her favorite), hummus, cottage cheese, black beans, cheese, cheerios, apple juice, brown rice, green beans, scrambled eggs, and yogurt.

...loves her toy, Violet the LeapFrog dog. She gets it in the car when we have to drive somewhere, and she presses the paws over and over again without letting one song or phrase finish before she presses the paw to go on to the next one. Keeps her entertained amazingly, even if I do have to go through the day singing, "Me and my friend Cora..." in my head.

...also likes noisy toys with buttons that play or do different things. 

...fits in some 12-month and some 18-month clothes. She seems to have long legs, so many of the 12-month pants are getting to be too short even though she still fits in the shirts.

...dances. Hilarious. Every time she plays a tune on one of her toys or hears music on the TV or iPod, she moves back and forth in a sitting position. 

...plays peek-a-boo.