Friday, November 16, 2012


Coat = Oak
Moth = Mof
Possessive = Daddy's, Mommy'f, Doh-wa's (Cora's)
Book = Boobaw
Brigita = Beebaw
Walk = come play with me (as she takes your hand to lead you somewhere)
No-maw = Gramma, Dada = Grandad
Nany is said correctly, Da = Granda
No-nuh = Fiona
Out = heart
Bee = any insect that is not a mof
She likes to point out that it is dark in the evenings. Dowk! Or she says it when she covers her eyes with her hands.
Hello = Arrrouw (like Scooby Doo)
Elmo = Ah-mow
All animals are still referred to as the sounds they make, except for duck.
Blocks = Doh-wa's bok
Milk = nips
Sun = nah-nah
Slide = whee
Water = wah-wah
Minkabow = pink ball
She is now putting two words together, like "Daddy home," "pink ball," "yuk poop"
M&M's = num-num (yes they are, Little Girl)
Noodle = noo-noo

I can't believe you are 23 months old today. Where did the time go? I love you more every day.